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Saving Radmin password in Radmin

You are able to use Windows NT security authentication in Radmin Server Settings to avoid typing in Radmin password all the time.

Radmin Viewer does not have an option to save Server passwords and will not have this option in future releases. If Radmin would have option to remember passwords, someone would be able to turn this option on and as a result:

  • Anyone who'll access this employee's computer will be able to access all the remote computers where Radmin Server is running, and all the confidential information stored there.
  • A hacker would be able to steal the encrypted passwords, decrypt them and use to hack into your servers. As passwords would be stolen from Radmin data, users would blame Famatech for releasing insecure application. Now Radmin is known as most secure remote control tools available, and it is one of the reasons why it is used by US Army, US Government and many major corporations (IBM, Sony, Nokia, Bank of New York and AT&T to name a few).
  • Automated programs and viruses will scan computers for Radmin saved passwords (this isn't currently possible server-side because server stores only hashes and not passwords)

So even the optional possibility of remembering passwords would be a great security hole.

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