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Upgrade Policy - Frequently Asked Questions

With the release of Radmin 3, previous versions of Radmin (Radmin 2.2 and earlier) are no longer available for purchase and public download. However, our customers may continue using previous versions in compliance with their license agreement. We suggest that all of our customers who are using Radmin 1.x or 2.x upgrade to Radmin 3.

TipUpgrade terms may depend on the purchase date and kind of license bought.
Q:How can I upgrade my 2.x license key to use Radmin 3?
A:Please follow this link to upgrade your 2.x key to 3.x: Upgrade policy If you get a message after the upgrade attempt that your key is already upgraded or any other error, please provide your version 2.x license key and describe your issue.
Q:Can I purchase additional Radmin 2.2 licenses?
A:No. You can continue using Radmin 2.2 on the computers you are already licensed for, but if you need to install Radmin on other computers you need to purchase the new Radmin 3 licenses.
Q:Can I make a partial upgrade to Radmin 3 and continue using Radmin 2.2 license?
A:Our licensing policy forbids using an old license key on upgraded software. However, if you have two Radmin 2.2 license keys you can upgrade one of them to Radmin 3 and continue using the other for Radmin 2.2.
Q:Can I continue using my Radmin 2.2 license if I upgraded to Radmin 3?
A:No. After upgrading to Radmin 3 you need to accept the new license agreement, which states that you must not use Radmin 2.2.
Q:How can I upgrade my old Radmin 3.x license key to the latest version 3.5?
A:All you need is to download the latest version from our website and enter your old license key. Radmin upgrading within version 3 is free of charge.

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