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Error in Radmin 2.x log: Screenpump engine failed

Please perform the following steps if the "Screenpump engine failed" error occurs:

1. If you're using WinXP, Vista or Windows 7, make sure you are NOT using "switch user" feature on the server computer.

2. Make sure server computer is not running a screen saver.

3. On the server computer go to the Start->Settings->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services. Double-click Remote Administrator service. Go to the Log On tab. Make sure "Allow service to interact with desktop" check box is checked.

4. Make sure you are using latest video card drivers on server and client.

5. If you're using WinNT 4.0, run r_server.exe with "/uninstalldrv" command-line switch on the server computer. This should disable Radmin's video hook driver. Open console and enter r_server.exe /uninstalldrv

6. There is a Hardware Acceleration option in Windows, located at "Start->Control Panel->Display Properties->Settings->Advanced->Troubleshooting->Hardware Acceleration" option which the default is FULL. Try setting it to NONE (both on client and server).

7. Make sure you are not using a dual head video card on the server computer.

8. If remote computer is running MS Terminal Server alongside Radmin Server, make sure no one uses MS Terminal Client or MS Remote Desktop to connect to server's console ("zero") session. Such connection will block following Radmin sessions until you manually reboot the server. Anyway, there's no need to use terminal connection when Radmin connection is available.

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