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I'm behind a router and don't have public IP address. What can I do?

Several situations are possible:

  • Your computers are in an internal network behind a NAT based router. Only the router has a public IP address. You can access your internal network computers via the Internet. To do this you need to configure 'Forwarding' on the router/firewall. Configure the router to forward connections from a port on the router to a specific IP address and port (Radmin server's default port is 4899) of the target computer in your internal network. You need to assign a port on the router for every computer you need to access. The router will then forward the connection to your computer in the internal network.
  • Your PCs have real IP addresses but the firewall has its port 4899 closed. In this case you have to open 4899 or use another open port.
  • Radmin Server does not start on the server. Examine the log file on the server for the reason.

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