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Radmin Server 3 - Automatic activation via Radmin Viewer

Follow these steps when you are at a PC where Radmin Viewer 3 is installed and you can connect from there to the PC where Radmin Server 3 is running.

Step 1:Start Radmin Server 3 on the remote PC (Start > Programs > Radmin Server 3 > Start Radmin Server) and Radmin Viewer 3 on the local PC (Start > Programs > Radmin Viewer 3 > Radmin Viewer 3). Make sure that Internet access is available on the local PC where Radmin Viewer 3 is installed.
Step 2:Open the Radmin Viewer 3 window and connect to the remote PC where Radmin Server 3 is running in "License Code Transfer" mode.
Step 3:As shown in Figure 1:
  1. Fill in the field "Enter your license code" with the 30-character Radmin 3 License Key, including dashes.
  2. Click "OK".image

Wait for a message about successful activation.

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