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Radmin Deployment Package

Radmin Deployment Package (Deployment Tool 1.2 + Activation Server 1.3)

Radmin Server can be configured, deployed and activated remotely on any number of computers via the Radmin Deployment Package.

Radmin Activation Server

Enables you to automatically activate Radmin Server on many computers with limited Internet access. You need to install Radmin Activation Server on a computer that has Internet access (either directly or via an HTTP proxy) and is accessible to all computers on which you want to activate Radmin Server. Refer to the Radmin Activation Server Help file or Using Radmin Activation Server Guide for details.

Radmin Deployment Tool

Enables you to apply settings to the Radmin Server MSI package and remotely deploy it on any number of computers. Radmin Deployment Tool has two modules:

Radmin Deployment Tool

A tool for system administrators to install, uninstall and upgrade Radmin Server remotely on any number of computers. Refer to the Radmin Deployment Tool Help file or Radmin Deployment Tool Step-by-Step Guide for details.

Radmin MSI Configurator

A companion tool that allows administrators to apply settings to the Radmin Server MSI package, so after an installation, Radmin Server will have the specified settings and will use Radmin Activation Server for activation. Refer to the Radmin MSI Configurator Help file for details.

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