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Error: Invalid License code.

First of all please make sure that key you are entering is correct. Radmin license key starts from RADPR. When you are sure that your license key is correct please check if you use proxy server (or firewall, or ISA) and it doesn't allow to activate your license code. You will need to ensure that port 80 (TCP) is open for outbound traffic or you can manually activate Radmin offline.

Please try to activate your license code remotely or manually. Please refer to Radmin Help file or online guide for detailed information:

Radmin activation manual

Network activation guide

Shortly about manual activation:

  • Enter your license code into registration box (don't press OK)
  • Choose checkbox "Manual activation"
  • Save *.request file
  • Go to activation server (please find a link to it in help file)
  • Upload your *.request file
  • The activation server will return you *.license file
  • Save it on your computer
  • Go to activation box again, choose "use license file" and specify a path to your *.license file received from activation server.
  • Press OK.
  • You copy will be registered.

Remote activation:

You are also able to activate license code remotely from the local PC with Radmin Viewer. To do this open the Viewer on the local PC, right click on connection icon of the target PC and choose "License Code Transfer".

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